The assortment of the RunnersClub online store will satisfy every running enthusiast, regardless of the progress stage. RunnersClub offers running shoes, sports clothing, and a wide range of accessories.

The brand’s customers are professional runners and beginners alike. Both of these groups require professional advice, high-quality products, and quick delivery. Regarding that last element–we decided to help, just as with other logistics questions. The implementation was done at lighting speed–it took us just 15 days to sign an agreement and send the very first parcel.

Produkty RunnersClub w magazynie Omnipack

 The RunnersClub products

The higher level of logistics

What caused you to entrust an external operator with your logistics processes?

The main reason was the need to improve our logistics. We wanted to offer quick delivery and reliability. Omnipack deals with returns as well, which significantly facilitates the process of customer service. That way, everything goes smoothly and for the benefit of our customers–says Sebastian Korban, eCommerce manager at RunnersClub.

pracownik RunnersClub w magazynie Omnipack

Adam Sobczak, RunnersClub team

Thanks to the logistics outsourcing service, RunnersClub can serve more customers and maintain the highest quality of service. Also, they’ve managed to lower the courier-related costs, which directly translates into building competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

About the brand

RunnersClub is an online store for runners. They have lots of experience and professionalism in eCommerce, but also the real passion for running. RunnersClub offers a wide assortment of shoes, sports clothing (for men and women alike), and accessories. They guarantee the highest level of customer service and take care of sportspeople and coaches. Their brand has also launched a dedicated support program, thanks to which competitors, coaches, and instructors can purchase running products made by reputable brands at lower prices.