Omnipack has taken a strategic step towards foreign expansion and launched a new logistics center. SEGRO Logistics Park Warsaw is located right by the S8 route in Nadarzyn, near Warsaw and the airport. From the very beginning, we wanted to build a cross-border company, knowing that the domestic market is not large enough to achieve the desired business scale. Today, Omnipack doubles its warehouse space, implements advanced technologies, and plans to open another logistics center at the Germany-Poland border. These activities will allow us to enter foreign markets and build a network of fulfillment centers across Europe.

The opening of a new logistics center in Nadarzyn near Warsaw is a strategic decision related to our continuous development. Currently, Omnipack serves over 100 clients. Many of them are growing dynamically. In addition, new clients are continually joining us, which naturally generates the need for additional storage space. The logistics center in Nadarzyn not only provides enough space but also offers a location that makes foreign shipments accessible in a short time. The next step towards international expansion will happen in October. It will be the launch of another warehouse, located in Gorzów Wielkopolski, right at the Germany-Poland border.

The key to the success of any entrepreneur who would like their eCommerce to be global and adapted to the local markets’ needs is in the choice of a logistics operator who has a warehouse in the right location, access to local carriers, and systems for international settlements. Thanks to the logistics center in Nadarzyn, Omnipack can offer the Next Day Delivery service for international shipments. This year, we plan to open yet another logistics center in Gorzów Wielkopolski near the German border. These activities will enable expansion and unlimited business scaling to the markets of Western Europe for our clientsTomek Kasperski, CEO at Omnipack says.

Omnipack decided to rent 6,500 m2 of warehouse space in a new building in SEGRO Logistics Park Warsaw, Nadarzyn, taking into account its strategic geographical location–near the central hubs of transport companies. This guarantees the optimization of logistics processes and allows us to extend the time for placing orders, for which the delivery will be carried out the next day.

The warehouse shelving infrastructure, packaging machines, and transporting conveyors are also important for Omnipack. These solutions allow us to automate the parcel’s movement from the packing place to the pickup point and the increased number of docks, serving many carriers at the same time. The last two factors significantly increase the efficiency coefficient of logistics operations.

People shop online more and more consciously, which is why customers have higher expectations, not only regarding the goods they order but also the quality of service. The new warehouse in Nadarzyn ensures higher efficiency of logistics operations, and, hence, better customer experience, which includes the shortened delivery time, packaging method, and efficient returns management–Karol Milewski, CCO at Omnipack comments.

When we were making this decision, one of the most important factors was the ecological solutions that the logistics center offers, such as valves regulating water intake, which reduce water usage by about 10% and allow immediate shut-off in the event of a leak. Moreover, there are additional sub-counters enabling continuous media monitoring and real savings during the building operation. Next, we appreciated the construction waste management, including monitoring, segregation, recovery, and the use of VOCs in the office part. In addition, the park ensures high energy efficiency, resulting from the use of, among others, intelligent LED lighting, which reduces electricity consumption by up to 30%

Due to Omnipack’s broad customer portfolio–the warehouse had to be adapted to handle parcels for various industries and niches–food, cosmetics, designer, fashion, and others. Thanks to the possibilities offered by SEGRO, Omnipack will be able to manage the logistics operations for all of our clients, including Jadłosfera, Greasy Fingers, Ekopolka, 9design, Bizuu, Muscat, Gepetto. JLL, the international real estate consulting company, was the advisor that helped us to choose a perfect warehouse for Omnipack.

We are glad that the JLL team was a part of this project and supported us in choosing the optimal solution in terms of a warehouse space adapted to our needs. With the opening of the new distribution center, we have also moved all of our software systems to the AWS cloud solution and implemented a new Logifact warehouse system, which brings a number of operational improvements, such as effective management of inventory, identifying deficiencies and surpluses, automatic management of product expiry dates, optimal management of packaging and automation of receiving returns, and independence when joining subsequent eCommerce platforms–Rafał Szcześniewski, COO at Omnipack adds.